betsy. Hi personally I think ur pain. Our mate to dad out of my own son or daughter visited a different country for the 12 months to use collect mony and also mayb bring united states up to real time.

… Nevertheless onenyhow a couple of months inside in which he have excellent event wuth a woman whwech we satisfied wen we gone through going back couple of months. This girl is among anither wimans man. To this girl in addition possessed the best boyfriend. This girl had been plainly certainly not a decent girl.

During the time i happened to be inocent towards something id not have attention this person cheated. We trustworthy him among my entire life. 6 months lster we find out frim a pal that is as part of your relstionship by having a fruend to his. This killed me personally. People separate up. Sux monthd lster I became around of him wen the mother or father passed away. People returned together. Is rough in beginning with him but i still hav my dwn days and ovr think. I dint know if he cheated with more because i csnt say fir sure now as im not that inocent girl anymore. My eyes are wide open ti the crazy world. But anyway i feel sad angry hurt still and sometimes want to talk to a councilor but iv foynd this page and hope to get some comfort back. Im thinking of starting to write dwn my bad thoughts and maybe it will help because it brought it all back. I know he was sorry he hurt me. But any way two and a haf years later we now have a new baby. Im happy. My personal mate actually great individual that he only wasnt good that point out of his lives. That he firgot me personally and also acted that the sungle man.