This is what a bisexual/pansexual seems like.Or, every other creative pride motto you’ve got!

Wednesday, September 23.Calling on all bisexuals, all pansexuals, and all sorts of non queers that are monosexual!

Out Boulder County is proud to commemorate Bi Visibility Day (September 23rd) and we’re contacting all bisexuals, pansexuals, and all sorts of other queers pinpointing between homosexual and right to share a selfie for the party series.Our photos may beblack and white,but our sexualities are not..To participate in, simply simply take an image of yourself keeping a pride indication. Your indication can state some of the after:

This is exactly what a bisexual/pansexual seems like.Or, any kind of pride that is creative you’ve got!

As soon as you’ve taken your pride selfie, e-mail it to . The gallery that is entire be produced public on Bi Visibility Day (September 23rd), however the party and sharing of images will start before that time. If you’d like to celebrate a little early, post your image(s) on social networking!