“True Love Waits” Campaign – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

“True Love Waits” Campaign. Wk 5: The A, B, C’s to Relationships. “Relationships”. Exactly What Did God Are Considering? Genesis 2:18. It isn’t great for guy become Alone Because…. Stops Isolation. Fosters Mental, Psychological & Spiritual Maturity. “Relationships”. Just like it Gets.

“True Love Waits” Campaign

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“True Love Waits”Campaign Wk 5: The A, B, C’s to Relationships

“Relationships” What Did God Are Thinking About? Genesis 2:18 It is really not best for man to because… be alone. Stops Isolation Fosters Mental, Psychological & Spiritual Maturity

“Relationships” As Good As it Gets “you make me want to be an improved man” Jack Nicholson & Helen search

“Buddies” “Friends when it comes to Hike” WHAT they’re about “Close” WHY they’ve been ABC’s of Relationships Dr. Pamela Reeve “Acquaintances” “Friends on the way” whom these are typically

“ABC notion of Relationships” • Acquaintance • Buddies • Close

“Snags to prevent” (Dating Context) Too near, too quickly going too fast to C-level prematurely Causes confusion & calls for DTR talk Proverbs 12:26a A righteous man is careful in relationship,

“Snags to prevent” (Dating Context) Too near, too early (Prov. 12:26) going too quickly to C-level too soon Causes confusion & requires DTR talk Control Trap Possessive or Co-Dependency Causes Withdrawal or Feelings of Suffocation Exactly how much is simply too Much? (Prov.25:17) Anyone desires significantly more than one other Reasons one other the take away Proverbs 25:17 NLT do not see your next-door neighbors too usually, or else you will need replacing your welcome.

Real love Waits (Cont’d) Dating Non-Christian/DTR/Break Up

Dating a Non-Christian • Biblical known reasons for Not Dating a Non-Christian 2Cor 6:14-16 NLT Don’t form teams with those who find themselves unbelievers.